La Bensaudiere

Pictures of The Bensaudiere 2005

December 23rd, 2005

The usual Bensaudes plus the new additions and even more kids, my favorite almond cake and enough Picklefleisch to feed that army… The Bensaudière was once again a success ! For your viewing pleasure to relive these moments and for memory’s sake here are a few lovely pictures of the event

Jose Bensaude’s grave in the jewish cemetary of Sao Miguel

December 22nd, 2005

Jose Bensaude‘s grave lies in the jewish cemetary of Sao Miguel. This is one of several Jewish cemeteries in the Azores.

In 1936, the cemetery had 133 graves of which 105 names are listed in “Benditcha Sea Vuestra Memoria: Sephardic Jewish Cemeteries in the Caribbean and Eastern North America” by David Mayer Gradwohl. This 29 pages paper is available from the Association for Gravestone Studies. The names are also mentioned in the “Genealogia Hebraica. Portugal e Gibraltar” by Jose Maria Abecassis (ISBN 9729542902).

The International Survey of Jewish Monuments mentions that “the cemetery is at the present time [2000] surrounded by factory buildings and shut out from sight by a wall. The monuments are situated horizontally. It suffers from neglect. Crosses mark some of the graves, a well-known island practice, which purported to serve to keep anti-Jewish rhetoric muted.”

Jose Bensaude's grave in the jewish cemetery of Sao Miguel in the Azores

Factual errors in the Genealogia Hebraica

December 22nd, 2005

Having seen it mentioned as a source all over the place, I was very excited about the “Genealogia Hebraica. Portugal e Gibraltar” by Jose Maria Abecassis (ISBN 9729542902).

A few weeks ago I found that Claude Bensaude had taken a look at it. His opinion of Abecassis’ work is very low. Horrified by the amount of imprecisions and factual errors he told me he began annotating the book with corrections, but after a dozen pages he gave up discouraged by the amount of corrections needed.

So if you wish to use the Genealogia Hebraica as a source for your genealogical research, be sure to cross it with other independant sources and take it with a grain of salt.

La véritable Bensaudière est en ligne

December 21st, 2005

Publié annuellement à l’occasion de la grande réunion de Noel, le produit de l’organe de presse officiel de la famille Bensaude s’est nommée ‘la Bensaudière’ bien avant que ce site n’existe. Pour que tous ceux qui n’ont pas pu le lire chez Manette le jour de sa sortie rattrapent enfin leur retard sur l’actualité familiale, voici disponible ici pour votre plus grand plaisir la Bensaudière 2005. Cette année encore La Bensaudière est l’oeuvre Dessirier, mais c’est François qui a repris le flambeau allumé par Aline…

Bensaude Millenium – Pictures are now online

December 19th, 2005

From the 23rd of July to 3rd of August 2000, descendants of Jose Bensaude met in the Azores. Fond photographic memories of the event have been gathered on a lovely blue compact disc… They are now online for your viewing pleasure, complete with the original captioning !

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