La Bensaudiere

Welcome to Justine Bensaude

March 13th, 2007

Thanks to Fabrice and Céline we have a brand new Bensaude among us. Welcome Justine Bensaude !

Anne-Cécile et Olivier : les photos du mariage

February 24th, 2007

De magnifiques photos vous attendent dans la galerie des photos du mariage d’Anne-Cécile et Olivier !

Vous y trouverez même des photos de leur voyage de noces en Afrique du Sud !

Anne-Cécile has married Olivier

October 14th, 2006

Everyone gathered in Garches today to celebrate the wedding of Anne-Cécile to Olivier. After the civil ceremony in the same town hall of Garches where Anne-Cécile‘s parents Agnès and Claude got married, Catholic mass took place in the Saint-Louis church of Garches, where Véronique and François and also Marie-Christine and Michel lived the same moments a generation ago. Now, that is tradition !

Afterwards everyone headed for the Hotel De France in Versailles where a nice party took place late into the night.

On behalf of all Bensaudes I wish the newlyweds a lifelong familly happiness !

Pauline et Emma dans la piscine

August 10th, 2006

Emma a emmené Aline et Anthea rendre visite à Pauline et Jean-Marc aux résidences du port. Tout le monde dans la piscine !

Pictures of The Bensaudiere 2005

December 23rd, 2005

The usual Bensaudes plus the new additions and even more kids, my favorite almond cake and enough Picklefleisch to feed that army… The Bensaudière was once again a success ! For your viewing pleasure to relive these moments and for memory’s sake here are a few lovely pictures of the event

Bensaude Millenium – Pictures are now online

December 19th, 2005

From the 23rd of July to 3rd of August 2000, descendants of Jose Bensaude met in the Azores. Fond photographic memories of the event have been gathered on a lovely blue compact disc… They are now online for your viewing pleasure, complete with the original captioning !

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