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October 27th, 2005

The one true Bensaudière is published every year at Christmas time and that is good. But what about the rest of the year ? You can now enjoy the online Bensaudière : all Bensaude news, all the time ! This blog is in no way competing with the paper edition, it is a way to complete it with a permanent publishing outlet – the paper edition may even draw on articles first published here.

If you know what the Bensaudière is or if you are a descendant of Jose Bensaude or married to one, then you probably belong here… Your articles will be welcome, so go ahead and create an account so that you can publish them here. Weddings, births, birthdays, the latest progress with your children, Bensaude meet-ups, Bensaude pictures… Anything Bensaude related is on-topic so feel free to express yourself: this blog is yours !

And if you have not yet had the inspiration for an article, please do register so that you can post comments to articles.

The default language is English, but with respect to the international nature of our family, posts in other languages are welcome, especially French and Portuguese.

See you soon… Watch this space !

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