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Bensaudes in America

November 1st, 2005

Searching the Ellis Island records for ‘Bensaude’ yielded the following matches :

Name of Passenger	Residence  	Arrival Birth
Jacob Bensaude  	 	  	1894  	1834
Jose Bensaude  	  	Lisboa, Port. 	1916  	1893
Jose Bensaude  	  	Lisbon, Port. 	1920  	1893
M. Bensaude  	  	  	  	1894  	1865
Maria Bensaude	  	Lisbon, Port.  	1920  	1899
Mathilde Bensaude  	Lisboa, Port.  	1920  	1890
Mrs. M. Bensaude  	  		1894  	1872

Among them, Mathilde Bensaude matches very well the data I already have. The “M. Bensaude” born in 1865 may be the unknown Hiam Bensaude that I found in the 1881 British census. The others look like no-one already identified… Your help is welcome.

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