La Bensaudiere

Bensaudes in Morocco

November 1st, 2005

Searching the Essaouira (formerly Mogador) cemetery records for ‘Bensaude’ yielded the following matches :

Family name  Name           Gender  Birth  Death date
Bensaude     Jais           M       1871   11/09/1929
Bensaude     Rebbeca Ohana  W       1873   16/07/1946

Tombstone of Jais BensaudeTombstone of Rebeca Bensaude

I have no idea who they are nor any knowledge of their contemporary Moroccan Bensaudes. Neither are the people bearing the name of Hassiboni mentioned in these cemetary records. It seems that there is still in Morocco some of genealogical information that we have not yet found…

Jeff Malka from Sephardic Genealogy Resources has put together a short startup guide to Jewish Genealogy in Morocco. Lack of records makes it a tricky field of investigation, but I am sure there are plenty of discoveries to be made. Have fun, and don’t forget to keep us informed about what you find !

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